About us

SAGAL FOOD is a company that imports aromas and colors of the Austrian company “ESAROM”.
As someone who has been on the market for almost 3 decades, we are recognizable for the fact that, with the help of technologists, we help you create products with a recognizable aroma and top quality.
As you can already guess, we are here to help you choose a variety of flavors, colors, bases. With our accompanying products, your final products will be authentic, recognizable and above all high quality.
We are represented in all branches of industry, and one of the primary ones is confectionery. In the further future of development, we give special emphasis to the development of bakery and confectionery in Serbia.
Whether you need flavors for baking, confectionery or something else, we are here to meet all your requirements and offer a product “tailored to you”.
What is new with us are one kilo aroma packages for 10 different flavors that will be of great importance for small producers and adaptable to their needs. From vanilla, chocolate, caramel, and through various fruit aromas, we are here to enrich the taste of your cakes, candies, lollipops, pastries and everything that can be thought of and made.
Our service is our success and we see our leadership position as an obligation to continue our own development as a joint development of our clients and services:
  • Consistent product quality
  • Innovative management of ESAROM
  • Technical and technological support
  • Associates support
  • Optimization of production cycles
  • Value analysis
  • Brand license agreements
  • Trend monitoring
  • Legal advice in the field of nutrition and help with product declaration
  • Close contact with consumers through participation in fairs
  • Technical conferences for associates
We have never seen the sale of our products as a one-way collaboration. What others see as the “end of the road”, our sellers consider the beginning of a common path with consumers. Constant exchange of information creates feedback that allows us to quickly adapt products to the needs of the market and consumers.
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